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Visit New Zealand – 12 sample tours

23 November 2009

New_ZealandMost of us know at least something about New Zealand, even if it’s only that the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed there. I’m not going to go into explaining the geography of this fantastic country which, as everyone knows – or prefers to describe it – as being off the coast of Australia! Suffice to say that there is plenty of travel literature available out there to allow you to become very well acquainted with this pearl of the southern hemisphere. What that literature wont tell you is who the very best people are to show you around this extraordinary country.

My supplier for New Zealand is used to providing travel packages for the rich and famous, just as much as for the everyday man in the street. Not only that, but their boast is that all trips are unique, and that no trip has ever been the same as another. Their prices range from just a few thousand New Zealand dollars up to a million dollars or more. Living in New Zealand, they are not only experts on the country and all its facets and ecology, they only employ the very best in guides and experts, in order to provide you with a trip that will give you some fantastic memories to keep for a lifetime.

From Maori chiefs and world champion sportsmen and women, to expert helicopter pilots, experts in food and wine, hunting and fishing. Best of all they offer competitive pricing and are cheaper than other package suppliers in certain cases, and in others slightly more expensive, as the quality of the people and places they use is generally higher than the alternatives available.

I’ve listed some options below for you, based on previous trips they have created for their many previous highly satisfied clients. Nothing is fixed and everything can be changed and modified in price, durations and accommodation quality levels to suit your requirements. Drop me a line on my contact page, tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll come back to you with suggestions.

Extensive Touring for 14 days – 4 / 5*

New_Zealand2If you’re into self-drive touring, and enjoy excellent “off-the-beaten-track”, well priced accommodation, then this is the one for you. The itineraries use parts of New Zealand not normally covered in the usual packages provided by other travel company suppliers.

Locations and activities that you wish to include can be added in – or you can simply make your own arrangements. The superb thing about this itinerary is the cost. Included is the accommodation, the rental car, and the inter-island ferry crossing.

I can let you have a full itinerary if you drop me a line on my contact page.

The price for this comes in at NZ$9,127 for two people (around £4,804 approx.) – but the tour can be infinitely modified to suit your requirements.

Special 5* Ultra Exclusive 12 day Vacation

New Zealand - ultra exclusiveThis fabulous 5* New Zealand vacation, with some of the best places, people, and activities in the country, combined with some “wow factor” activities will really give you an in depth appreciation of what makes New Zealand. Its nothing like the standard stuff offered by other operators and off the shelf itineraries. This has got to be grade one luxury travelling, from the moment you’re taken through the priority exits at your arrival at Auckland International Airport, to your waiting Range Rover, by your personal assistant/driver/guide for your time in New Zealand.

There’s not enough space here to give you the full itinerary to this fantastic trip, but let me have your email on the contact page and I can soon put it through to you if you’re interested. The price is a real steal at NZ$67,900 for a couple (around £35,740 approx.) and, if you want to move that price up or down, by adding, removing or substituting days, levels of accommodation etc, it really is no problem my friends tell me. This really is the one for New Zealand in style with special activities included.

Luxury Australia/New Zealand – 10 days for a family of four

New Zealand and Australia - 10 day luxuryThis is an excellent short itinerary giving great value for money with some superb quality and unusual experiences in both Australia and New Zealand. This was originally created for a family of four who wanted a good overview of both countries in luxury, without spending a real fortune. There’s sophistication, impact, and some really very special experiences and places built into this superb tour.

Four a family of four, in two rooms, it includes all accommodation, domestic flights, activities as mentioned, all meals at Burrawang, dinner at Greenhill and Silverpine, and a private chauffeur in New Zealand.

It’s definitely recommended, if you have more time, to spend a bit extra time in each place, but if you haven’t got it, then this itinerary is definitely the one to have. It can of course be customised for you if there is something special you want to see in either country.

The price for the trip is NZ$50,750 (around £26,710 approx.) for the family of four in two rooms, so drop me an email on the contact page if you’d like to see the full itinerary that I’ve got, bearing in mind that it can be changed to suit your special requirements.

Australia/New Zealand highlights – Ultra luxury 12 nights

Helicopter over Southern AlpsThis is an example itinerary which incorporates high end luxury in both Australia and New Zealand for travellers who only have 12 nights available to them.

It’s a fast moving luxury trip that makes extensive use of top accommodation, helicopters, light aircraft, and private guides – hence the expense.

For two or four couples, with a shortened itinerary, together with selective pruning of the luxury items, it is possible to reduce the budget cost considerably.

However, an estimate for the full luxury itinerary, which I can let you have on request, is NZ$45,000 (around £23,685 approx.) per person for a couple travelling together. For two couples travelling together NZ$27,500 (around £14,475 approx.) per person.

This itinerary is fantastic and just the one for the person who is “time poor” who wants to see as much as possible in true style and luxury, and it can be customised for you, should you require it.

Luxury Four Wheel Drive, 14 Days

Four wheel drive luxuryWe’ve all seen four-wheel drive holidays advertised. This one is something different.

Aside from the luxury aspect, it will take you into some of the relatively unknown parts of New Zealand.

The trip will provide you with some exciting, and at times, technical four-wheel driving, together with staying in a variety of really nice places and undertaking some unusual and spectacular activities.

Top level accommodation is used, and the itinerary is priced for two couples and a guide travelling in three vehicles. It can of course be priced for a couple and for groups, but for two couples, as mentioned above, the cost is a very acceptable NZ$45,000 per couple (around £23,685 approx.) for this very non-standard trip. I have a detailed itinerary – so drop me a line for further information.

Diving and Luxury, 18 days

Dive white islandTo encompass some of the best diving available in New Zealand, together with the best diving experts, luxury accommodation, and some up market experiences, this is a longer itinerary than other diving trips may take.

Nothing is taken for granted, with travel by helicopters, exclusive lodges and private islands, which all add up to the exclusive 6 star experience.

It can be reduced to 4*, if required for groups, so, if this is what you require just let me know.

Whilst the tour can be undertaken with just one person, the economies make it better for four or more people travelling together.

For your money you get a guide, transportation, accommodation and all the indicated activities – except where there’s a list for you to select from.

The price comes in at between NZ$20,000 to NZ$30,000 (around approx £10,530 – £15,790) per person for two couples travelling together, but can be modified substantially if required.

If you’re into diving this is definitely the very best, done in style. As usual, I’ve got a detailed itinerary if you’re interested – so just email me on the contact page and ask.

South Island Luxury, 14 days

This trip shows New Zealand nature at its very best, and is done in luxury. None of the crowded coaches and standard accommodation etc.

This itinerary was originally created for a very high profile UK couple (I obviously can’t say who they were), and uses the very best lodges and seeking out the best nature, fishing and bird watching on the South Island. Nothing was left to chance, the best of everything, including transport, was selected for this itinerary.

The draft itinerary can of course be modified to suit your requirements, but this one was provided for clients who wanted the best.

Priced at around NZ$50,000 (around approx £26,320) for a couple for a guided itinerary. A self-drive itinerary would cost around NZ$32,500 (around approx £17,110) if preferred.

Drop me a line on my contact page if you’d like to see the full itinerary.

New Zealand Motorcycle Guided Tour, 20 days

Motorbikes Mount CookThere’s motorcycle tours, and there are what I would consider as proper motorcycle tours!

If you’re going to do this then I honestly believe you should do it right.

This two-island luxury motorcycle itinerary provides some of the best motorcycling to be had in New Zealand. The tour has been priced based on a group of five couples, but can of course be customised for any number of guests.

New Zealand is widely recognised as one of the best motorcycling destinations in the world, and this tour has got to be one of the best available for its unique activities and people, anywhere in the world. The tour has a motorcycle guide, and also provides a comfortable support vehicle with trailer, driven by a second guide.

The motorcycles provided are BMW1200RT models, but Harley’s or Goldwings can be provided if required. If you’d like on road / off road variants in the trip off-road motorcycles can be provided.

I’ve got the suggested itinerary if you’re interested in this type of holiday – and if you like motorcycle touring, you can’t not be interested in it. If you only ever do one motorcycle tour – this is the one to do.

The cost for this 20 day, luxury, fully – guided motorcycle itinerary, with special events, based on five couples travelling together is NZ$42,000 (around approx £22,110) per couple. It can of course be done for lesser numbers, so, if you’re interested I have the full suggested itinerary, which can be modified to suit any variations you may require.

If you like the idea of the motorcycle tour, but are short on time, there is a 10 day South Island tour, based on the above lines, at around NZ$22,000 (around £11,580 approx.).

Drop me a line at my contact page and I can let you have one or both of the itineraries.

New Zealand Food and Wine in Luxury, 11 days

Delamore TableThis is a superb tour focussing on food and wine, with some first class experiences, combined beautifully with luxury.

You may think that is the ideal, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The first class experiences, good food and wine, and staying in luxury accommodation, which, although not the most expensive in the country, is definitely “top drawer”.

It’s priced at NZ$27,500 (around approx £14,475) for a couple and includes all accommodation, activities and meals indicated in the full itinerary.

It does work out less expensive if two couples are travelling together, as they share the cost of the guide, transport and experiences.

Drop me a line on my contact page and I’ll put the full itinerary through to you.

Auckland Sporting Incentive

RugbyThis 6 day Auckland incentive programme focuses on Rugby, Sailing and Maori, with more for good measure!

It’s labelled as a corporate incentive, but it’s a fantastic break for any group wanting a sporting and testosterone addition to a vacation or mini-break.

Cost can be as high or as low budget as you want to make it , and simply depends on numbers of participants, scale of events, entertainments and dinners etc.

This fabulous six days can be packed with items such as sailing the Americas Cup yachts, through to a multiple MRX (40 foot yachts) regatta, and onto a relaxed sail on an ocean going yacht, helicopter flying lesson, and simulated dive-bombing mission in the 1930’s Harvard aircraft from the Warbirds Club.

We can include meeting and playing against a number of the famous All Blacks celebrity players put together by Grant Fox, a world class fly-half and the rugby specialist, and a host of other options for you to choose from.

I do have a suggested itinerary if you’re interested in this type of incentive / mini-break package, and can obtain costs based on what you’d like to include and your numbers travelling. I can guarantee that it would be a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

Just drop me a line on my contact page on what you’re looking to do, how many travellers you are thinking about taking, and I can get a suggested itinerary put together and costed for you.

Super Luxury and Active 23 day – New Zealand Family Tour

Harvards AucklandThis top grade family, super luxury, active holiday was specially created for a family, with no limit on spending.

The instructions were simply, to create a 23 day trip full of the best that New Zealand had to offer. The cost was immaterial, with quality, exclusivity, comfort, relaxation and privacy, being paramount to the trip.

If the above considerations are what you require, then this is totally suitable for you. The itinerary can of course be shortened or extended to your liking.

The final cost for the 23 day family tour mentioned above, does of course depend on final options chosen, but, as a guideline, would come in at around NZ$200,000 (around approx £105,265).

There’s also a shortened North Island 12 day option on offer at NZ$100,000 (around approx £52,635).

Let me know by dropping me a line on my contact page if you’d like to see a copy of either the 23 or 12 day itinerary.

New Zealand Hunting and Fishing in Super Luxury, 20 days

Poronui Mountain PoolThis is the best of New Zealand’s fishing and hunting in pure luxury.

The best time of year for hunting and fishing in New Zealand is around March or April.

The itinerary we have for this trip was created for a group of people who wanted to experience the best hunting and fishing in New Zealand without moving around too much.

If there are people in the party who are not interested in the fishing and hunting, a wide range of activities can most certainly be provided to indulge their own particular interests.

It is possible to offer a very high level of customisation , as well as the huge range of possible trophy fees.

The very best of everything is used in this trip, and includes a private island, helicopter transport, chartered aircraft, and chartered boats.

I have the full itinerary, which was chosen by some very high level clients, should you wish to see it, which can be modified in every way to suit your requirements.

A price can be provided once numbers and activities are selected.

Drop me a line on my contact page for any further information you require.

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