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Africa Wildlife Conservation Safaris

31 January 2010

Africa Wildlife Conservation RhinoGoing on safari in Africa, to me, has always been one of tourisms very favourite activities. To see the animals that we’ve all seen on television and in zoos, in their natural habitat is something really special. But hey – wouldn’t you like to even better that – and stay in luxurious game reserve lodges at the same time? Well – I can fix that for you – or rather my good friends at one of Africa’s top wildlife conservation companies can.

Make no mistake, this is nothing “set up for the tourists”.

The companies activities always adhere to the most stringent conservation ethics, and no animals are captured, darted, or interfered with in any way, for any reason, other than for properly justified and appropriate scientific or conservation purposes.

This is real “hands on” activity for you, and the money you pay, as well as for the normal game drives and bush walks etc, pays for the animal conservation activities. Activities such as Rhinoceros Horn and Hump microchip insertions to deter poaching, and ear notching for visual ID purposes, as well as Elephant GSM / GPS satellite tracking collar fitments for monitoring and research purposes. Much of this work would not get done without these conservation safaris.

The conservation safaris we’ve selected, are also away from the busy normal game safari viewing areas, to destinations that are hard to beat. We’ve also included the best lodges, together with charter flights rather than long road trips, and helicopters to speed up the spotting and tracking of the particular animals who require treatment etc.

This is the best of both worlds – luxury lodges and getting “up close and personal” with the animals. It really is an unbeatable experience in the realms of African safaris, and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Whilst African conservation applies to all of Africa’s “Big Five” and more, I’ve selected three options, and given you approximate costs for varying group numbers. Bear in mind though, conservation safaris are available for other animals, should you prefer them, and they can also be priced for a single person or a couple.

For the purposes of simplicity, all the examples have been priced out of the main international airport in Johannesburg, where you will be met from your incoming flight. This “meet and greet” facility though can take place at any of Africa’s airports you decide to arrive at, or at a hotel if you are already in Africa. We can, incidentally, arrange for private jet flights from anywhere in the world into South Africa, should you require it.

To give you an idea of what is included in all the conservation safaris, I’ve listed the items shown below, and followed that with the sample costings mentioned above.

Safari Packages include

  • Exclusive hands on participation in the conservation safari.
  • Scheduled return air charter transfers from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport (Private Charters can be arranged if required).
  • 3 nights luxury, twin sharing accommodation, at luxury game lodge.
  • All meals.
  • All soft drinks, house wines, local brand spirits and beers.
  • All Teas and Coffees.
  • All lodge activities ( game drives and bush walks etc ).
  • Refreshments on game drives.
  • Laundry.
  • Exclusive use of open game drive vehicles during the conservation activities.
  • All conservation costs (apparatus used) associated with the conservation activity.
  • All professional veterinarian fees associated with the conservation activity.
  • All helicopter capture and transfer time associated with the conservation activity.
  • Customised “Survival Pack”, welcome letter, and colour A4 certificate & Photo for each participant.
  • Public liability insurance cover.
  • Emergency medical evacuation insurance.


(Most personal requirements can be costed in given prior notice)

  • Telephone calls.
  • Safari Shop purchases.
  • Champagne, cognac, fine wines, premium brand spirits and cigars.
  • Lodge Staff gratuities.

Example 1

Phinda Private Game Reserve, Kwazulu – Natal Province, South Africa

White Rhino Conservation Safari
(Horn & Hump microchip insertions to deter poaching and ear notching for visual ID purposes)

Total package price for group of 4 persons (2 couples) – R145,293 (£14,530 / $23,975 approx)
Total package price for group of 8 persons (4 couples) – R216,885 (£21,690 / $35,790 approx)
Total package price for group of 16 persons (8 couples) – R360,240 (£36,025 / $59,445 approx)

Africa Wildlife Conservation RhinoAfrica Wildlife Conservation Rhino 2Africa Wildlife Conservation Rhino 7Africa Wildlife Conservation JeepsAfrica Wildlife Conservation Helicopter

Example 2

Tswalu Kalahari Rerserve, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Desert Black Rhino Conservation Safari
(Horn & Hump microchip insertions to deter poaching and ear notching for visual ID purposes)

Total package for group of 4 persons (2 couples) – R207,026 (£20,705 / $US34,165 approx)
Total package for group of 8 persons (4 couples) – R321,070 (£32,110 / $US52,985 approx)
Total package for group of 16 persons (8 couples) – R549,081 (£54,910 / $US90,605 approx)

Africa Wildlife Conservation Rhino 5Africa Wildlife Conservation Rhino 3Africa Wildlife Conservation Rhino 6Africa Wildlife Conservation Rhino 4Africa Wildlife Conservation Home Life

Example 3

Madikwe Game Reserve, North West Province, South Africa

Elephant Conservation Safari
(GSM / GPS satellite tracking collar fitment for monitoring and research purposes)

Total package for group of 4 persons (2 couples) – R176,360 (£17,640 / $US29,110 approx)
Total package for group of 8 persons (4 couples) – R242,575 (£24,260 / $US40,030 approx)
Total package for group of 16 persons (8 couples) – R375,000 (£37,500 / $US61,880 approx)

Africa Wildlife Conservation Elephant 4Africa Wildlife Conservation ElephantAfrica Wildlife Conservation Elephant 2Africa Wildlife Conservation Elephant 3Africa Wildlife Conservation Helicopter

The three examples above give a reasonably accurate costing for the Conservation Safaris mentioned. It should be remembered though that there are many more options involving different animals that will be accurately costed for you once your precise requirements are known.

Don’t forget also, that if you’re going on an African trip, and want to include one of these Conservation Safaris in your plans, arrangements can be made to collect you from your choice of departure point, and to return you to your next stop on your African tour.

If you have any interest in any of the above, or you’d like to ask further questions, drop me a line on my contact page and I’ll get back to you with the required information.

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