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Hot Air Ballooning in Australia – Balloon Pilot Course

25 August 2010

Hot air balloons in the Outback

My friends in the “red center” of Australia are the only professional hot air balloon pilot training organisation in Australia. Everything is included to provide you with the correct knowledge and training to achieve your licence, and not to mention get in some great Outback and Alice Springs sightseeing.

As well as the basic training in the balloon, there are simple tests in navigation, meteorology, radio operation, balloon dynamics and air law. These parts are not onerous, and there’s plenty of time each day, after flying, to enjoy the “red center” locality, or just relax by your hotel pool.

Included in the package are a flight instructor for your training days, and an examiner for your check flight. It also includes a ground crew with 4WD chase vehicle, and of course the hot air balloon, together with insurance and fuel. The Australian private licence requires that you do a minimum of 16 hours training, including 3 solo flights, then a check flight.

Allowing for variations in weather, which can prevent flying, a period of 16 days is allocated for the course. On days when everyone gets up and to the site, and it’s not possible to fly, there is a $AU1,000 refund. If you want to forgo the $AU1,000 refund, and add an extra days flying at the end of the course, you just need to pay an extra $AU800 to do this. If the weather is so bad that the following days flying needs to be cancelled the night before, then there’s an $AU1,800 refund (for up to 3 days for this type of cancellation), or you can forgo the refund and simply add on an extra day at the end of the booked course period.

The cost is fixed for a maximum of 16 days flying, but it is possible that the course and licence may be completed with a couple of days to spare. If this is the case, then a refund of $AU800 per day would be applied.

Normal morning pick-up time from your hotel is around 0500hrs, returning after theory at around 1100hrs.

Items such as your hotel and breakfasts for the period of 16 days is not included in the price, but we can arrange both for you if you require them.

With the time available to you during the day, after your flight, it would be a good idea to explore the locality of Alice Springs, and the amazing surrounding Red Center area, and we can arrange the hire of a 4×4 vehicle for you if you wish.

Hot air ballooning is fantastic anywhere – but in the centre of Australia, it’s awesome! To have the opportunity to get your own balloon pilot licence in such a short period of time shouldn’t be missed, if you’ve ever considered doing something completely “off the wall.”

Images of Hot Air Ballooning in Australia – Balloon Pilot Course…

Hot air balloonsPeople in balloon basketBalloon flight close up3 balloons taking offBalloon by a sunset

Package Cost

  • For 16 days, with inclusions as outlined above is:
    $AU34,560 (£22,300 / $US39,700 approx)

Alternative option…

Experience the Art of Ballooning

If you don’t want to “go the whole hog” and get your official pilots licence – why not do the next best thing. You can learn to fly the hot air balloon, whilst your partner participates in the on-ground chase, as well as them enjoying a few flights with you to watch your progress, if you wish. Call it an adventure holiday.

This can be a 5 day experience, with the same basic theory instruction and astounding Alice Springs sightseeing opportunities, but no tests. A rebate would apply if the weather prevented flying for less than 4 days.

Again, hotel and breakfasts aren’t included, nor is 4×4 hire for touring after the flights, but we can arrange things for you if required.

Package Cost

  • For the 5 day “Experience the Art of Ballooning” package is:
    $AU10,800 (£6,970 / $US12,420 approx)

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