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Weddings and renewals in St Ives, UK

6 March 2011

St Ives Weddings - The Happy CoupleLuxury and More Travel can offer you the very best packages and arrangements for your chosen ceremony you’re looking to create in the UK, be it weddings, civil ceremonies or renewals.

Whether you want the highest class luxury celebrity wedding, or a simple ceremony for just the two of you, our wedding planners are the best people around to talk you through everything affecting your big day, and your honeymoon or vacation.

From London’s highest profile venues and hotels – to the South East and South West of England.

Why not try St. Ives, the jewel in the crown of one of England’s most popular counties. We can provide every aspect of your important day , honeymoon or holiday in this idyllic centuries old Cornish sea-side town. An accommodation package at the 14th century harbour-side inn, complete with reception for up to 30 guests, with a ceremony or blessing at the little Island Chapel overlooking the ocean, is but one idea we can create for you. If you require a celebrity event for hundreds of guests at a high class venue or hotel, just let us know. A superb hotel or high end luxury apartments for you and your guests – it’s your choice. Why not let us organise an excellent video reminder of your special day – or the complete holiday?

Our experienced wedding and event planners will talk you to you about everything you need – and probably a lot you’d forgotten – or didn’t know you should have – so you don’t miss anything. We’ll provide you with the costs for every step of the way – so you don’t have any unwanted or unknown surprises – and, if you wish it, they’ll be with you on your big day to make sure everything goes to plan.

Luxury and More Travel can provide ceremonies, honeymoons, vacations and complete events for you all over the South West, South East, the London area and much more.

Leave yourself free to enjoy your special day and everything around it.

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