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Authentic “Titanic” china tableware

9 April 2012

On that incredible night of April 14th 1912 Titanic struck an iceberg at 11.40pm and, at 2.17am, slipped beneath the waves creating the greatest maritime disaster of a passenger liner the world has ever seen.

As well as the tragic deaths of over 1500 passengers, when the Titanic plunged 12,500ft to the ocean floor, she took with her some of the most lavish furnishings, fittings and artifacts ever installed in an ocean liner. Included in that list was china tableware produced by Royal Crown Derby, originally for the White Star Line’s chandler, Stonier & Co of Liverpool.

Finally settling on a design, including the monogram of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company (ONCS), the order was eventually placed, covering the supply of this exquisite Dinnerware and Teaware for the Titanic and her White Star Line sister ship, the Olympic. This fine china was born for Titanic, but only to be used by the rich and famous in her most fabulous restaurant.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the worlds most famous passenger liner, the creators and manufacturers of the original china tableware for Titanic’s finest dining room, the “A la Carte Dining Room” for 1st Class passengers only, have recreated, in every detail, the original china, from the drawings and specifications still held in their archives.

It gives us great pleasure, as agents for the manufacturers of this exquisite tableware, to be able to offer the complete range to you at the below special prices. All orders and enquiries should be directed to our contact page.

Titanic tableware china

Gift boxed with logo

ItemPrice (UK Pounds)Price (US Dollars)
21.5cm Plate£59.00$100.00
27cm Plate£77.00$131.00
Coffee Cup & Saucer£88.00$150.00
Tea Cup & Saucer£88.00$150.00
5 Petal Tray£55.00$94.00

Loose with border only or with logo (please specify your exact requirement)

ItemPrice (UK Pounds)Price (US Dollars)
Plate 10” / 27cm£67.00$115.00
Plate 8” / 21.5cm£51.00$88.00
Plate 6” / 16cm£43.00$75.00
Rim Soup Bowl £67.00$115.00
Oval Dish S/S£223.00$380.00
Tea Cup & Saucer£80.00$138.00
Cream Jug£93.00$160.00
Teapot L/S£300.00$510.00
Covered Sugar Bowl£153.00$260.00
Open Vegetable Dish£176.00$300.00
Covered Vegetable Dish£351.00$598.00
Sauce Boat£137.00$235.00
Sauce Boat Stand£82.00$140.00
Coffee Cup & Saucer£80.00$138.00
Round Chop Dish£270.00$460.00
Soup Tureen & Cover£665.00$1130.00
Soup Tureen Stand£270.00$460.00
Salad Bowl£235.00$400.00
5 Piece Place Setting£192.00$328.00
Coffee Pot£281.00$480.00

There will also be a charge to cover for shipping and insurance dependant on destination for order. This commemorative Titanic china tableware will only be available until 31st December 2012.

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