Africa Wildlife Conservation Safaris

31 January 2010

Going on safari in Africais one of tourisms most popular activities.

To see the animals that we’ve all seen on television and in zoos, in their natural habitat is something really special.

But hey – wouldn’t you like to even better that – and stay in luxurious game reserve lodges at the same time?

Make no mistake, this is nothing “set up for the tourists”.

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The Top End Of Oz & Mystical Aboriginal Land Safaris In Australia

17 November 2009

Take the virtual “life changing” experience a journey through this part of Australia will give you. The Kakadu National Park, the Bamurra Plains, the Kimberleys, and the mystical Arnhemland, will take you far from the crowds of modern day living, into the wilderness where stresses simply melt away.

You will visit great gorges, rock pools and waterfalls, and experience the power and the serenity of outback Northern Australia.

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