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Luxury and More Travel and David Clifford act solely as your agent for all products shown on this website, and accept no liability for any product or information shown on this website.


All bookings made for products shown on this website will be made on the individual suppliers Booking Forms and under the Terms and Conditions of the suppliers of the product.


Payment and Cancellation Terms for all products on this website are those belonging to the suppliers of the products for which the bookings are made.


    By accepting the Terms and Conditions of suppliers of products on this website you are confirming to us that you are accepting the terms and conditions on this website. You are also confirming to us, and the suppliers of your chosen travel, that adequate travel insurance has been taken out by yourself, the lead traveller, and your fellow travellers for the duration of your travel under the booking you have made. It is recommended that travel insurance is taken out as close as possible to the time of purchase of your travel. Clients are reminded that they should ensure that their travel insurance covers all aspects of their booking. They are also reminded to ensure that all tours, excursions and activities within their booking are also covered by their insurance.


    It is common practice for holiday services to request to see your passport. Please make sure you have your passports ready. No liability can be accepted by the supplier or our company if you are refused admission to any part of your booked travel for your failure to provide a valid and up to date passport for identification, and the required visas, for the countries you are travelling to. Accommodations are also within their rights to turn you away if you do not have an up to date passport. If you are turned away because you do not have a passport, or up to date passport or visa, our company and the supplier can offer no refunds or compensatory payments.


      All prices shown on this website are to be taken as indicative prices only to allow for currency fluctuations. In all cases we will endeavour to keep prices as close as possible to those quoted on our website, but in present times of widely fluctuating exchange rates, we reserve the right to offer a firm price once a decision to travel has been indicated.