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Private Yacht Adventures – To the Ends of the Earth

14 April 2013

Private Yacht AdventuresIt is our pleasure to be able to offer some of the most unique cruising experiences available in the world today. We can provide FIT’s and groups of up to twelve clients with the opportunity to sail to virtually anywhere on earth. We have some of the world’s foremost experts in polar and world navigation and travel, who will create bespoke cruises or expeditions for individual clients or groups. Clients can sail on their own yacht, or our partners can charter proven and known expedition yachts that are perfectly suited for the destination.

Our expedition partner specializes in private, Super-yacht voyages to the most culturally rich or naturally wild locations around the world. Our clients are adventurous and seek to experience places far beyond conventional cruising grounds. Here in the wilderness regions where few yachts venture, exceptional landscapes, wildlife encounters and cultural experiences can be found.

The company founders and field guides have spent decades amassing a worldwide wealth of knowledge of both culturally rich and naturally wild geographies. They represent decades of experience in leading ground breaking itineraries and designing once-in-a-lifetime moments for discerning guests in the world’s most remote tropical and polar regions. Experts in their field, they are carefully chosen not only for the expertise but their ability to fit seamlessly into the unique lifestyle on board a yacht. They’ll enrich your experience, keep you safe and be amiable companions at meals.
Our partners pride themselves on organizing innovative and enlightening voyages to remarkable destinations that are conducted to the highest standards of safety and environmental care. Working with charter clients and Captains, they provide a discreet and high quality service that arranges all aspects of a planned expedition, while providing uncompromising luxury. No matter where you want to go, or on which extraordinary yacht you wish to travel, we can take you there.

Your Yacht (shown above)

You’ll sail on board a 48-meter ice-classed expedition yacht that combines both luxury with a sense of exploration. On board are two Mark-V Zodiacs for landings on teeming penguin colonies or pushing through Arctic brash ice.

Accommodations for 12 adventurous guests are smart and nautical. All cabins can be made into either a double or twin-bed configuration, and there is also a much larger owner’s suite with separate sitting area. A spacious saloon and adjacent dining room feature large windows to bring stunning scenery indoors, and an expansive aft deck is used for frequent al fresco dining. Her professional crew understands the unique needs of expedition clients, whether multi-generational families or a romantic escape for a couple.

Lounge area Bedroom cabinLounge Area 2 Dining Area Bedroom Cabin 2 Bedroom Cabin 3

Nimble and stout, your yacht has repeatedly proven itself for those seeking an immersive, intimate adventure in the planet’s most remote regions.

Yacht Charter

In addition to the yacht described here, our partner works with a variety of expedition yachts throughout the world. Working in these remote regions has unique challenges, not found in more conventional cruising grounds, and we understand the operational requirements needed in a yacht to make your expedition a success. From polar icebreakers and dive support vessels, to luxurious motor yachts and nimble sailing craft, we can source the perfect vessel for your expedition.

Yacht Exterior Yacht Exterior 1

Insurance & Safety

Our partners and field personnel are covered by marine, professional liability & medical insurance, underwritten by Lloyds of London. Details are available upon request when creating your cruise. Their membership in both the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators and the Arctic Association of Expedition Cruise Operators ensures your expedition will be run according to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Sample Destinations

Arctic Svalbard

Only a short flight from mainland Norway, you could be on a yacht cruising through the Arctic pack ice searching for polar bears, narwhal and walrus.

The long days of the Arctic summer are a time of intense wildlife activity, as these icebound lands come alive with birds, flowers and animals at a few key locations. Meet the Inuit people of Greenland, cruise fjords choked with icebergs, bathe in geothermal springs, and watch white whales cruising under the midnight sun.

Lying only 600 miles from the North Pole, Svalbard remains simply the best spot- anywhere- for viewing polar bears in their natural habitats. Kayak in bays with tumbling glaciers, search for Walrus on ice flows, or hike into the tundra with our specialists. Not as cold in summer as you might expect, these islands have a rugged beauty and offer wildlife encounters that will amaze you.

Polar Bear Ice fields

Northwest Passage

A long held dream of nations and daring adventurers, the Northwest Passage is one of the most legendary waterways on the planet. Even today, less than 200 vessels have successfully completed the entire route. Here, our partner has unmatched expertise, and on one recent voyage, our staff’s combined experience accounted for more than 10% of all transits.

With only a narrow window when ice conditions allow transit attempts, you’ll sail through grand fjords surrounded by towering mountain barriers. Taking advantage of the long daylight hours, our sharp-eyed staff will search pack ice for signs narwhales, walrus and the iconic polar bear. You’ll land at rarely visited Inuit communities and understand, first hand, their distinct culture.

Marvelling at the icebergs that dot the way, you’ll gain a new respect for those that toiled here in hardship, and stop at historic sites to honour their memory. On vessels with helicopters, you’ll soar over mountain peaks for a hike (or a glass of champagne) amidst awe-inspiring scenery. For those seeking the ultimate expedition, there is no destination more historic or rewarding than the Northwest Passage.

Ice fields Canyans

South Pacific

From the Asian coast of the Indian Ocean, through the innumerable islands of Indonesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, to the vast Pacific, this is one of the most exciting regions to explore by sea. Home to the greatest marine diversity anywhere on the planet, the diving is the best in the world, the islands some of the most beautiful.

See the contrast in landscape, flora, fauna and cultures as your vessel crosses the “Wallace Line” dividing Asia & Australasia. Watch Komodo dragons, visit the isolated tribes of Papua New Guinea, bask in the sun through the friendly islands of the pacific, meet the Pacific Islanders, and dive in gin-clear water with hundreds of sharks or on WWII wrecks.

Dance Yacht docking at island Tribal Warriors Dance


Antarctica may be the most challenging cruising ground for any expedition yacht, but it offers the right vessel the most incredible experience. A couple of days sail or a short flight south from Cape Horn is the Antarctic Peninsula, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by snow, ice and penguins.

Surprisingly mild temperatures and the 24-hour sunlight of the Austral summer afford wildlife viewing is at its best. Cruise among unworldly icebergs with seals and whales, land at penguin colonies, visit scientific research stations and gaze in awe of the most incredible scenery on the planet.

On your way to or from Antarctica, explore some of the wild islands of the Southern Ocean such as South Georgia or the Falkland Islands. If the timing is right, you might even be able to reach colonies of Emperor Penguins that breed on floating ice, or sail south to be one of the few that have crossed the Antarctic Circle!

Small dingy moving towards iceberg Explorers Onland

A Remarkable World Awaits

Our partners organize exploration voyages to remote destinations worldwide. They lead expeditions to, provide specialist voyage planning, expedition management and guiding, for the following destinations:

  • Pacific Northwest
  • Asia & the Russian Far East
  • Australia’s Kimberly Coast
  • The Amazon
  • Baja California & the Sea of Cortez
  • British Isles & Ireland
  • Canadian Maritimes
  • Central America
  • Chilean Fjords
  • East Africa
  • Galapagos
  • Micronesia
  • Seychelles & Madagascar
  • White Sea
  • Polynesia (French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Kiribati and Easter Island)
  • Melanesia (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu & Fiji)

Cruising/Expedition Costs

Every client’s cruise/expedition will be different. Even with the cruises offered and shown as examples in this document, itineraries are infinitely variable, as all clients requirements differ. What our partners have tried to do, with the pricing’s shown below, is to give as close an approximation as possible for the journeys shown, before discussing client’s requirements for their personal cruise. The prices shown include, and take into consideration, average fuel and port costs for the journeys shown, and are inclusive for up to 12 guests. Costs for clients own required itineraries, to any part of the world, are created in consultation with our partners and the client’s for all inclusions. Whether using their own yacht, or any yacht provided by our partners, everything needed to create a luxurious, unique, and fantastic experience is included, and is unlikely to be offered anywhere else in the world.

Approximate Costs for sample Cruises/Expeditions

  • One week in Svalbard: $185,000 USD
  • One week in Coastal Norway: $190,000 USD
  • Ten days: Coastal Norway & Svalbard: $265,000 USD
  • Two weeks: Coastal Norway & Svalbard: $360,000 USD
  • One week in Antarctica: $199,000 USD
  • One week in the South Pacific: $190,000 USD

The approximate costs shown for the above expeditions/cruises are based on using the excellent and luxurious yacht described above. If larger vessels are required, or the above yacht is not available, our partners will have no problem in sourcing an alternative vessel for your cruise.

We can take you…

“To the Ends of the Earth”

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