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Great White Shark Cage Diving In SA

19 July 2010

Great White Shark Cage DivingAs a general rule, one of the worst nightmares you can have is to come face to face with the world’s most awesome predator – the Great White Shark!

In truth, these magnificent creatures, perfectly designed for the environment in which they live and hunt, only survive through the dedicated work and constant attentions, of groups of marine conservationalists such as my friends on the coast of South Africa, not far from Cape Town and Hermanus.

They are the most successful white shark diving organisation in the world, and locate more white sharks than anyone else worldwide. They operate within strict regulations laid down by Marine Coastal Management, and are leaders in the conservation, education and research of one of the oceans greatest predators. Their company carries all the necessary public insurance, passenger liability and bonding to protect the many thousands of clients they take to meet one of the worlds most maligned, but most perfect “killing machines”.

Their boat, that you’ll travel in to see these magnificent creatures, is a 35ft, 4 ton catamaran, packed with all the latest electronic and safety equipment, and is custom built for shark diving. The crew and staff are distinguished by their expertise and 15 years experience, ensuring the most effective and professional service for you. They also provide a top quality film service, which is the choice of the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channels, and they have received more accolades for Fair Trade in Tourism and Ecotourism than I can cover on this web-page.

Images of Great White Shark Cage Diving in SA…

Great White Shark Cage Diving - Bigger BoatGreat White Shark Cage Diving - Calm Before StormGreat White Shark Cage Diving - ActionGreat White Shark Cage Diving - JumpGreat White Shark Cage Diving - SmileGreat White Shark Cage Diving - Yawn

Your day for this “once in a lifetime experience” is shown below.

Your itinerary

  1. You are collected from your hotel in Cape Town or Hermanus and delivered to their lodge (we can arrange a hire car for you if you wish, or helicopter or micro light transfer.
  2. On arrival you’ll be provided with Continental Breakfast.
  3. Following breakfast the skipper will give you a short lecture on the Great White Shark, explaining how the company works with these magnificent animals in their area. Two to four hours are spent at sea, depending on how often the sharks visit the boat – and this is a good time to ask any of those niggling questions you’ve been storing up!
  4. The cage takes up to 4 people at a time, and you get about 20 minutes in the cage. All your scuba equipment and wetsuit is provided – and you don’t need a scuba licence to cage dive.
  5. Lunch boxes are provided on board for you, so you wont go hungry!
  6. When you return to dry land there’s tea, coffee, biscuits or scones waiting for you at the lodge.
  7. There’s also a professional videographer on board to provide a DVD of your trip, if you wish to purchase one.

The best times for taking your trip is between April – October when there’s a 99% success rate of seeing the sharks, November – December a 90-99% success rate, and January – March when there’s a 80-90% success rate. Water temperature from April to December is around 16-20°C and around 10-16°C during January to March.

You’ll need to take with you, Suntan lotion, cap and sun-glasses, sea-sickness tablets(take two hours before launch), a warm jacket, swimming costume and towel, and some comfortable shoes. Of course – don’t forget your camera!

It should be remembered that, on the off-chance that the sharks haven’t read the script, and don’t turn up, then a voucher is supplied for a free trip, as is also the case if it gets too windy out at sea and the boat has to return for safety reasons. If bad weather prevents a trip going ahead, then clients can either take a full refund, or arrange an alternative date.

  • Cost for this fantastic experience – ZA1350 Rand (£140 / $US240 approx)
  • Collection and Return transfers are not included in the above price, and at present are ZA350 Rand (£35 / $US60 approx)
  • Exclusive Charter (for personalised trips) is ZA21,000 Rand (£2,100 / $US3570 approx)

Oh – and the most important thing of all…

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